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What’s wrong with this picture?

How do you say \

Question: How  does the hip-hop magazine that popularized the monthly homage to women with concave bellies, large breasts and asses the size of ottomans justify this money shot of Rick Ross? 

While It’s wonderful that Mr. M.I.A. feels pretty enough to floss that big-ass Pilates ball full of salt and vinegar chips, pigs feet and chalupas, Ak would be remiss if she didn’t call out this double standard. If Trina  had a stomach even half this size, she wouldn’t make into the kinky classified ads in the back, let alone half-nekked on this cover.

Then again, maybe this cover is an omen. Maybe this is just God’s way of telling Ak that the next time she’s obssessing about her lower belly pooch, she should just imagine that she has a penis dangling underneath it. Hey, the whole penis thing worked for Rick Ross.



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