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The V-Word (Hint: It’s Not Vagina)

If what this The New York Times article says is true, a Vogue editor called up the sisters who design the critically-salivated-over Rodarte line and suggested they go on a diet and work out with a trainer. In a charitable spirit to rival Bill and Melinda Gates’ and Oprah’s, they were generous enough to offer these ladies four months of personal training and meal delivery on their dime. In return, the sisters would keep a journal to be published in a future issue.

The sisters took the free exercise and food and wrote the journal. It appears in the LeBron James-as-King Kong issue (April).

The girls at the spankin’ new web mag Parlormagazine.com already broke down the wackness of this, so we won’t duplicate their effort. We’ll just say that Vogue is like that asshole auntie who pokes your stomach, shakes her head sadly, and says “And you have such a pretty face!”


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