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This Just In from Planet Mindfuck

Being Amurikkkan and all, it’s really hard for Ak to imagine that people who are no parts of Black could suddenly say they are–without irony, hip-hop colored glasses, or a long-buried family history of massa rape and/or biracial concubinage. But that’s exactly what happened in South Africa where the High Court recently ruled that the nation’s estimated 200,000 ethnic Chinese folks could reclassify themselves as Black so that they could benefit from government policies put in place to fight the intransigent White domination of private-sector businesses. A few questions:

-Did the Chinese plaintiffs have an a-ha moment after hearing S-Curl rocking Black Americans attribute their store-bought curl pattern to the mythical Indian in they family?

-If an ethnic Chinese person’s business doesn’t do as well as expected, can they reclaim their Chinese-ness?

-If for some reason a Black South African wants to be Chinese, will the High Court–and the court of public opinion–sign off on that?

-Is Ak being an ugly (Afro) Amurikkan because she hates this suspect, capitalist ka-ka almost as much as she does Fox News and piles of human poo at the Clinton-Washington C stop?

PS: Fourteen years after apartheid, White South Africans are still making 450% more than Black South Africans. Isn’t it kind of strange that the Chinese didn’t just go for the gusto and get White? (That’s a rhetorical question.)



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