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Yung Berg apologizes, further confirming his need for therapy

In happier times

In happier times

Poor Yung Berg. A couple of days ago, he was just a yung, fun-loving rapper “famous” for his Ray J collabo and back-to-back hits with the word “sexy” in the title. Now, thanks to the pesky Internet, Berg will be judged not for the content of his character but for the intensity of his colorism.

To recap, Berg announced on an Internet radio show that he calls dark-skinned Black women “dark butts” and that it’s “like really rare” for him to “do” a woman darker than him. “I’m kind of racist,” the African American rapper announced, proving for once and for all that Amerikkka’s schools are leaving children behind.

In a moment of pathological innovation, Berg even created a new way to determine whether a medium-butt is passable: the pool test. To get it from the Berg, a potential jumpoff has to look “better” after jumping in the pool. If her “fake eyelashes pop off” and the cheap “brown gel” she presumably uses to slick down her “baby hairs” fails to conceal enough of her African ancestry, she fails.

Enter the dark-butt bloggers, their dark-butt readers, and a legion of dark-butt sympathizes who took five to 15 minutes out of their day to call Yung Berg a stupid, corny, wack, ignant, “gay” Uncle Ruckus.

In response Berg released an exclusive “apology” to those who felt offended to allhiphop.com.

“…I want to apologize to every woman across the world. I would never want to offend any woman of any race,” he said, coming off like Don Imus in blackface and Jesse Jackson in yungface. “I love women so much…My mother, she’s a lovely dark-skinned lady…”

The lesson: In a time when artists can get away with featuring a token dark-skinned woman among the 4,080 light-skinned and non-Black ones they have in their videos, it’s really, really dumb to boast about your disdain for women who look like your mother.

The thing is, dark-butts already know how you feel. The more evolved among us feel bad that you hate being Black so much. (The more vindictive ones like Ak are having fun watching you squirm.)

Yung Berg, please get therapy. Read The Color Complex. Stop embarrassing your mother. And stay off the fucking radio.

Better seen than heard

Better seen than heard


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