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Colorism: The “I don’t do dark butts” edition

Back in 1964 when Fannie Lou Hamer famously told The Nation that she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she was referring to why she–a sharecropper who had been kicked off the plantation, savagely beaten and jailed for even trying to vote–had the audacity to run for Congress against a White man.

Today, with mixed feelings, Ak is jacking Ms. Hamer’s revolutionary utterance and applying it to Yung Berg, a 22-year-old subpar rapper who seems to believe that a Ray J. collabo and a few TRL appearances gives him the power to talk shit about dark-skinned Black women on the radio.

Yung Berg (sigh)

Yung Berg (sigh)

To soak up every nuance of Berg’s pathetic, bitchalicious expression of internalized oppression (and the uneasy, ultimately sellouty response from the female hosts), listen to this clip (courtesy of Theybf.com).

If you don’t have the time or the stomach for it, peep this abridged transcription courtesy of XXL.com

“I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me. I love the pool test…. If you can be like ‘Yo, baby. I met you in the club. Let’s go back to my house. Jump in the pool exactly like you are.’–And you don’t come looking better wet than you were before you got in the pool then that’s not a good look.”

On the one hand, Ak (and legions of commenters) is pissed off. But Ak supposes that there is something powerful about having such overt, public evidence of something that is often insidious, rationalized or framed as individual preference.

Here’s the thing that makes Ak want to bludgeon Berg with that clown-style Transformers medallion he’s always wearing then toss him into a pool to test how sexy he looks when he emerges dazed, confused and coughing up chlorinated water:

In XXL’s August Eye Candy column (that’s a whole ‘nother post) a ridiculously talented, accomplished and beautiful choreographer named Tanisha Scott reveals what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Berg-style dooky-talking:

Tanisha Scott

Tanisha Scott

“Just being a chocolate girl in this business is hard enough–I got tired of hiding my face in videos because I wasn’t pretty enough or because I’m too dark,” she’s quoted as saying. “But now that I’m being viewed as beautiful, somebody that people can be proud of, I wanna be that.”

This is coming from the woman who choreographed Jay’s “Show Me What You Got,” Nas’s “Bridging the Gap,” Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” and a gang of other videos that display artistic excellence and sexiness rather than that cliched, anemic, off-beat, off-brand gyration that gets so much camera time in videos.

That’s all for now. After treading over this same old color bullshit, Ak is just tired.



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