What’s wrong with this picture?

How do you say \

Question: How  does the hip-hop magazine that popularized the monthly homage to women with concave bellies, large breasts and asses the size of ottomans justify this money shot of Rick Ross? 

While It’s wonderful that Mr. M.I.A. feels pretty enough to floss that big-ass Pilates ball full of salt and vinegar chips, pigs feet and chalupas, Ak would be remiss if she didn’t call out this double standard. If Trina  had a stomach even half this size, she wouldn’t make into the kinky classified ads in the back, let alone half-nekked on this cover.

Then again, maybe this cover is an omen. Maybe this is just God’s way of telling Ak that the next time she’s obssessing about her lower belly pooch, she should just imagine that she has a penis dangling underneath it. Hey, the whole penis thing worked for Rick Ross.



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3 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Ashy (pronounce Ashe)

    I have many favorite things about this post, for example that it sets a new standard in meanly righteous humor. And that it assigns Rick Ross the discerning taste to choose salt and vinegar chips. But it turns out that my favorite thing about this post is that it was entered at 8:46 am on a weekday. Is that when inspiration strikes?

  2. smallmediumlarge

    Sadly, Ashy, Ak’s inspiration never strikes at 8:46am. Our timer thing is just thrown off. If you notice, it says my last post was put up at 1-something in the morning. Alas, I can barely conjugate verbs at that hour, let alone ponder the uses of baby powder. That said, if my ass is ever the size of an ottoman, I’m going to demand that XXL consider giving me a cover. I asked the editor-in-chief what he thought of this post, and he claims to think it was “wonderful,” so we’ll see if I have a shot…Yani

  3. I can’t – with the pilates ball full of salt-n-vinegar chips. HI-larious. I wondered the same thing when I saw it… Thought back to my weekend in M.I.A. with Double R (no, not that kind of weekend, all work,I promise), and he had the nerve to be wearing some “skinny” jeans. I kid not. They looked like an oversized upside down triangle of denim material… There are just one too many things women could never get away with.

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