Hurt people hurt people: The Jimi Izreal and Ak incident

Please listen to yesterday’s Micheal Eric Dyson radio program. I’m on there trying (unsuccessfully) to reframe the dialogue about Black women’s love lives with The Denzel Principle‘s Jimi Izreal without losing my ish.

It starts at about 33.01.

Juxtaposed with the preceding segment–an interview with Simeon Wright, who witnessed the August 28, 1955 kidnapping of his 14-year-old cousin, Emmett Till–my and Jimi’s exchange sounds so silly and cynical. To borrow a phrase from Raiyshe, a commenter from the Precious post, my spirit feels dirty.

I hope Jimi’s does too.



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2 responses to “Hurt people hurt people: The Jimi Izreal and Ak incident

  1. shawncita

    I heard that program on Friday, and it was what brought me to your blog today. FWIW, I thought you handled the exchange very well, especially considering the jarringly disrespectful “ick” factor of many of Mr. Izreal’s comments and interruptions. It’s a shame that his defensive tone kept things less serious-feeling than they could have been. Indeed, this does feel like a disservice to Simeon Wright’s experience and interview – I hope your interview opens doors to different kinds of forums for discussion which allow for a different kind of exchange. Great blog, thanks for sharing!

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