Ak’s take on the Remy ads

Black girl: "Jeez, I sure do miss the days when I was the one wearing the shackles around my neck. Thanks to Remy, we can get back into our respective power roles." White girl: "Power roles? Come off it girlfriend. We're post race. Anything goes when it comes to hos! Or at least that's what Nelly and White Chocolate told me at that ho-down the other day

Black dude: "Thanks to Remy, I now have access to the exotic 50 cent pieces I fetishize! I'm a post-globalization sex machine. I can sidestep the Black girl/White girl minefield and still get Something New. Jeah!" Latina and Asian girls, in unison: "We're too busy agreeing to a threesome with this game-whisperer to say anything else. Holler at us tomorrow when we wake up with hangovers."





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5 responses to “Ak’s take on the Remy ads

  1. Eat A. Salad

    Game whisperer? “post-globalization sex machine?” Your blogging is pearls before swine. Swine being everyone including me.

  2. I am so glad you posted this! I see these ads all over the subway, and I’m disturbed by them, but haven’t been able to articulate why!

  3. elsa

    ha! so funny. i thought the same things while viewing these ads every morning on my daily ride into the ci-tay.

  4. Jeannie

    Love it. These ads are plastered all over my subway stop. My little girl asked me, “Mommy, why is that girl biting the other girl?” Didn’t quite know how to handle that one.

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