What do these ads mean to you?

For the seven people who actually read this blog when it’s not about Precious: Ak is really curious to hear what folks think these ads are telling us. She’ll share her thoughts in a future post.



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5 responses to “What do these ads mean to you?

  1. Carla

    Drink Remy and a bi-sexual rainbow of beauties will appear? Target audience: young male, specifically, young black male.

  2. Aplus

    maybe the second one is aimed at black women who want to strangle white women because they’re getting all the shine at the club?

  3. These ads are telling me that the marketing folks at Remy Martin are targeting the “young (18-35), urban professional” demo. I also think they’re targeting both sexes.

  4. I threw up in my mouth when I first saw these ads. They are subliminally telling folks to be lesbians, drink Remy, Black women are so frisky, drink Remy, Black men only want non-Black women and drink Remy.

  5. Funny you should ask…I just took a good look at these ads while riding the C train last week and thought, “Wow, how subliminally irresponsible.” Each of those images are wrong, for so many reasons. It’s as if drinking Remy is the gateway to a menage a trois with loose, exotic women of your choice.

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