Precious update

Quote from Lee Daniels from last week’s New York Times mag article, which I avoided reading so I could make up my mind about this film after actually seeing it:

“‘Precious’ is so not P.C. What I learned from doing the film is that even though I am black, I’m prejudiced. I’m prejudiced against people who are darker than me. When I was young, I went to a church where the lighter-skinned you were, the closer you sat to the altar. Anybody that’s heavy like Precious — I thought they were dirty and not very smart. Making this movie changed my heart. I’ll never look at a fat girl walking down the street the same way again.”

So the part in my review about the bias tucked somewhere in the pockets of the director’s mind was naive. His bias is right on the surface and he knows about it. Now I’m *really* pissed.



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6 responses to “Precious update

  1. Karen

    Ah you did read the nyt story!

  2. Eat A. Salad

    I forgot all about that! You are so right!

  3. Aliya S. King

    He did not say that. Did he?!

  4. Folasade Olowu

    Damn, notice he says nothing about changing his bias towards DARK fat people..I guess he still maintains his position on that one.. !! If I had a hammer….

  5. But I’ll say one thing—there are a lot of folks who are racist/prejudiced against their own people, but just won’t admit it. I hear subtly prejudiced statements all the time criticizing black people’s hair, speech, lips, skin color, weight. Still, when you call someone on the horrible thing they just said, they deny, deny, deny.

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