From Ak:

Both Yani and I are sick. I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself since I’m a freelancer. Compared to hellacious illnesses like consumption and gout, this flu-ish cold I’ve had for six days isn’t that deep. But what is deep is the reality that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I’m even weighing whether it makes more sense to venture outside for a doctor’s appointment or stay home for the fourth straight day. Isn’t that ironic? I can’t work at 100% because I’m sick. When/if I go to the doctor, I’ll be using the health insurance I pay for with the money I earn working on the projects I’m not completing because I’m sick. I’m making myself feel sicker by blogging about being sick. But the blog needs updating. So I’m updating about (drum roll) being sick.

Ugh. This is some pathetic, krazymaking shyte.


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