In defense of holleration

Randomness from Ak:

In her Naked essay, Yani gave the definitive thumbs down to unsolicited attention from men on the street. She continued her anti-catcall activism in this Small.Medium.Large entry. Yani is such a vigorous hater of sidewalk holleration, I was afraid to break ranks.

But now, while that pint-sized Scorpio isn’t looking, I’m speaking out!

Sometimes a little “hey ma” feels right. Of course I’m not talking about the horn-honking at the crosswalk, the hostile compliments about the circumference of my thighs, or the pssts-pssts only appropriate for a cat.

Even this cat is uninterested in "psst, psst."

Even this cat is uninterested in "psst, psst."

I’m talking about the slightly shy “Ma, can I holler?” from the boy too young to drink (No R. Kelly). The cocksure “hey beautiful” from the stately gold-grilled gentleman at the bodega. Even the leering hellos, bless yous and have a nice days don’t bother me because I’m the one with the power of disdain.

Call it a Leo/vanity/insecurity thing. But it’s good to know that despite the ubiquity of the jumbo-assed, racially indeterminate pinup, a regular-pretty brown person like me still gets burn. I don’t need the attention, but I damn sure enjoy it.

Phew. I said it.


Yani caught wind of this post and would like to clarify her “catcalls make me fantasize about toting a gun” stance:

“I like, ‘Oh you look beautiful miss’ or ‘Have a nice day.’ It’s the follow-up conversation I have a problem with,” she says via cell phone. “Just don’t be ignorant. Just because you think I look nice doesn’t mean I have to talk to you.”

Smoothed out, no-obligation holleration? Perhaps Luther was onto something.


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