Seattle police brutality update: The feds gets involved.

From Ak:

According to this Seattle Times piece, the US Department of Justice (aka “the feds”) is investigating King County deputy sheriff Thomas Schene’s buckwild, on-camera beatdown of 15-year-old Malika Calhoun. That’s a good thing because there seems to be a lickle problem in the King County sheriff’s department.

Just last December another deputy, Brian Bonner, was found innocent of violating a female suspect’s civil rights when he “allegedly” kneed her in the head as she lay face down on the ground in handcuffs. He also reportedly lifted her by her hair and slammed her head into a patrol car hood. Several of his fellow cops peeped the savagery and testified against him, but the jury wasn’t convinced.

Hopefully with the videotape of the Schene attack, assistant US attorney Kelly Harris will be able to get a felony conviction. (Right now in local court Schene is up for a bullshit misdemeanor)

Sidenote: King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, the first female elected to that office, should be feeling some hellacious heat.

Seattle stand up! In fact, everybody stand up. If we can get all up in arms about Chris Brown and Rihanna, we need to be losing our shit about COPS beating up girls and women.


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