What do you do when you feel like crap?

Yesterday Yani was with one of her favorite people and she spent the whole time thinking the woman looked amazing. Beautiful. Glorious. And, yes, quite sexy. Then standing in adjoining dressing rooms at a suburban Ann Taylor she couldn’t believe when the woman told her she was having “a bad body image day” and wasn’t going to buy a top that was hugging her in all the right ways because it made her feel anxious.

Today Yani’s having one of those very same days, except she’s just sitting in her house in a big sweatshirt from high school and sweats that are roomy enough to fit everyone in her apartment building inside. If she had to leave the house today…well, that’s just too awful to consider.

She’s thinking she could do one of two things. Crack open a tub of Soy Delicious ice cream and go to town or maybe try to actually get outside of her own head. She keeps remembering her new favorite quote, from Ophira Edut, a writer/body activist whose work she’s always loved. Ophira wrote that body image, hers or anyone else’s, has “very little to do with one’s body. It’s our perception of our bodies, not the bodies themselves. After all, it’s the brain that forms our images, that interprets messages from glossy magazines and TV shows and high school hierarchies.”

So, Yani’s throwing it out there to you: What triggers your bad body image days? And what do you do to get back to feeling good?

My niece has never ever not once felt anything less than gorgeous.

My niece has never ever not once felt anything less than gorgeous.



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5 responses to “What do you do when you feel like crap?

  1. Aliya S. King

    I just go to town on the ice cream. Except I go for the Breyers Cookies and Creams. Not the Soy Delicious. Which is NOT SO DELICIOUS. Hmph.

  2. Ak

    when things feel out of control, i take it out on my body. i’ll blame not getting paid on time on my lower stomach pooch (makes sense in my mind aka crazytown). then i say, sometimes out loud, “get ahold of yourself.” or, even more elegantly, “stop!” i put on a blousy top and keep it movin.

  3. Asandyessexy

    Shut! Up! This is what I do when I’m having a bad body image day. I use my super mind control powers to make people blog about my beauty. Oh my God, Yay!

    PS I’m so going to get that shirt.

    PPS Um, but as I told Ak, stop blowing up my spot about shopping at Ann Taylor, yo!

  4. Sloan

    I can agree that little momma has never felt anything but beautiful. It is me, her mother that has a problem with body image. These days I wear nothing but sweat pants. I blame my body image on my relationship (comfort weight). I am the biggest that I have ever been but little momma thinks of me differently. She feels that I am beautiful like she is. Talk about making me snap out of it.

    Thanks for the info on the blog Yani!!!!

  5. Years ago, trying on clothes at H&M would bring on one of those days (until I learned to go up a couple of sizes from my norm and ignore the tag once I was safely in the dressing room). Now, it’s probably when I don’t move my body.

    On the flip side, exercising ALWAYS makes me appreciate how my body looks and what it can do. Oh, and playing music. Especially that of the booty-shaking variety.

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