And we’re back…

Due to job stuff, perfectionism and more job stuff, we haven’t tended to our blog in a minute. But several things have slapped us back into the world of Small.Medium.Large. First, the positive:



Michelle Obama! Our First Lady is a brown-skinned woman with hips who is decidedly not a size two. She’s brilliant and funny. She has some sense, she gives a fuck, and, oh yeah, she’s beautiful. And everybody knows it. Including her.

On the sad side: Oprah. In the January issue of O, she confesses that she’s been so embarrassed by her thyroid-related weight-gain that she’s wanted to disappear.

We’re going to state the obvious here. Oprah is Oprah. She’s changed countless lives. She has more money and influence than everyone reading this blog combined. Love or hate it, Oprah Gail Winfrey runs shit. And yet she’s feeling ashamed and “fat cow”-ish because her 55-year-old body isn’t what it was a couple of years ago? Damn.

In the psychotically petty category: Jessica Simpson and the high-waisted jeans controversy. If you believe what you read on the Internet, folks left and right are grossly offended by the newly thick pop star’s body, which she unveiled while singing a country ditty at a recent chili cook-off. Personally, we’re more disturbed by the idea of her performing at something as small-time as a chili cook-off, but whatever.

high-waisted jeans=the devil's work

high-waisted jeans=the devil's work

What did honestly disturb us: The little Black girls (like, three- and four-year old little) who Ayana heard talking about how white people have “better hair” and how nappy hair makes you look lower class. Ayana, who wrote a book about Black hair, just didn’t know what to say. She cried.

But then, like the love that overpowered hate (shout out to Radio Raheem), Akiba and Ayana got an email from a Naked reader and took it as a sign. Our favorite line: “On days when I can’t seem to find my blackgirlbeautifulness, I head straight to Naked. Keep writing.”

So with Small.Medium.Large we’re doing just that: Writing. We’re writing to challenge the sickness that says that who a woman is equals what she looks like. That skinny and white-ish is the only game in town. That even blue-eyed Barbie lookalikes aren’t good enough because, really, no one is good enough in this perverse universe of anti-woman fuckery. We’re gonna cite examples, bitch, get random at times, try to have fun. Please join us.

We choose love

We choose love



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7 responses to “And we’re back…

  1. Karen G

    WHOO-HOOO!!! Welcome back!

  2. Ann-Marie Nicholson

    glad you guys are back…need to add ya to my blog roll!

  3. Ayana M

    Y’all are on fire! Welcome back.

  4. Aliya S. King

    I was soooo tired of looking at Yung Berg’s face. I logged on way more than I’d like to admit, looking for you guys. Welcome back!

  5. Tahira

    Damn shame about O. I agree she should never have to feel to explain the weight yo-yo. I say f@#% all the haters of the naturally curvy beings. Don’t even try to please everyone. Just be!

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