The baby powder conundrum

Does this say \

Yani is supposed to be hard at work on things that are not this blog. Instead she has done her laundry, folded her laundry, put away her laundry (NEVER gets done at the same time as doing it), uncorked some wine, washed and eaten some strawberries and stared meaningfully out the window at the building tops and trees in the distance.

Then, just as she really needed to get her ass back to work, this text from her friend Ivy showed up and brought her endless delight and more reason to procastinate.

“How much money would it take to cover your neck in baby powder and go to work?”

If you read this and instantly knew what Ivy was talking about, you are Black or grew up around Black people. And if so, Yani needs you to answer some questions:

1. Does the baby powder-in-the-summer trick really stave off dampness?

2. Why does it have to be visible? Couldn’t it do the trick on covered places?

3. Do other races of people do this?

Yani’s always wanted to know, her Mom never doused her in talc so she’s just had to wonder.



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2 responses to “The baby powder conundrum

  1. ivy

    yes, i have always wanted to know why it cant be rubbed in.
    and, my friend h wants to know if its a black thing or southern thing
    does anyone know?

  2. Ashy (from powder)

    This is a black thing. But aren’t most “black” things Southern? I used to do this, but deep in my shirt so it wasn’t visible. I also made a point of putting it in one of my stories because I’m nostalgic about it.

    I don’t know that it staves off dampness. And I haven’t done it since the 80s. But check it out, when you’re riding the bus or el in Philly and it’s already 80 degrees at 8 am, what would you rather smell, your deodarant starting to fade, the smell of hair products starting to chemically break down, or the sweet scent of babies emanating from your cleavage? Don’t you think subways and buses around the world would smell SO much better if EVERYONE did this in the summer?

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