Reverend Jeremiah Wright…

…is not the real topic of this post. Neither is body image or body anything unless the simple act of having melanin counts.

Really Ak just thought smallmediumlarge could use some traffic. So after seeing and hearing Rev. Wright’s name more times this week than Britney’s, Angelina’s and Shiloh’s or Suri’s combined, she decided to capitalize on this red herring just like the pearl-clutching “mainstream” media, the amateur political strategists, the monkey-see, monkey-do bloggers, the jittery, defeatist Blacks, and the Whites who are secretly relieved that they don’t have to vote for Barack Hussein Obama any more.

Hype-riding this Wright “controversy”–which is actually just a national gasp from White folks who refuse to understand that just because some of them are feeling all warm and post-race doesn’t mean that every Black person is obligated to say thanky suh.

Labeling Wright a wackadoodle, a fiery radical, a krazy man, and a press whore is so much easier than dealing with the 100-percent acquittal of the bacon who MURDERED Sean Bell in a torrent of 50 state-sponsored bullets. Or the Supreme Court ruling in favor of requiring photo IDs at polling places. Or, in Ak’s case, the work-based Mundane Extreme Environmental Stress she’s been soaking up all week.

So let the traffic begin on the back of the Rev. Wright “controversy”–a diversion more powerful than head, Patron shots and shoe shopping with a fresh piece of plastic that has a 0% APR teaser rate.


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