Since we’re giving quotes

…And since I’m still in the midst of way too much work, I wanted to add one that I found yesterday. In the giveaway book bin at work was Toni Morrison: What Moves at the Margins, a collection of her selected non-fiction. Why anyone would give this away I don’t know, but anyway, this is the line I randomly opened to:

“When you sculpt or paint, organize or refute, manage, teach, nourish, investigate or love, you do not blink. Your gaze, so lovingly unforgiving, stills, agitates and stills again.

You are what fashion tries to be—original and endlessly refreshing. Say what they like on Channel X, you are the news of the day. What doesn’t love you has trivialized itself and must answer for that. And anybody who does not know your history doesn’t know their own and must answer for that too.

You did all right, girl.”

There’s a lot more and it’s great. But I leave you with that. Oh, and also with this: Ak and I got chatty this afternoon on WBAI, an NPR affiliate. The show is called The Women: Body & Soul and we spent an hour pontificating on Naked and broader issues about beauty and self-acceptance and self-love. All pretty heady stuff for the middle of the work day, but it actually felt good to talk about something…just something. Anyway, as soon as I find the link to the podcast, I’ll put it up. In the meantime, please leave a quote that you live by, I’m in the mood for collecting some today. Thanks!



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2 responses to “Since we’re giving quotes

  1. trying to navigate

    It was factory like at my job today, meaning monotonous and loud. i put my head phones on and listen to some great people talk about an important ideas and ideals. it help me to remember human being think and grow and that made me feel better. I really like the part about accepting that you may not feel the right way about your body 100% of the time and that accepting this will help you bridge that divide between what is real in your heart and soul and the thoughts that creep into your sub-conscience, that it will help get from not feeling good about it 40% of the time up to 89% of the time and beyond and this is important. or at least thats what i got from it. listen to the podcast when you have a chance. its thoughtful.

  2. N.O.R.E.

    everyone who knows me knows that my favorite adjective for the state of things particularly when working for the MAN or WO-man is “oppressive”. but yesterday i came across these words from Maya Angelou and i felt liberated! be inspired:
    “I can’t believe my good fortune, and I’m just so grateful, to be a Black woman. A Black american woman. I would be so jealous if I were anything else. I remember saying this in a small group somewhere, and a white man actually said to me, ‘Now come on, you know you wish you were a white man.’ I laughed so hard, I almost cried. I said, ‘Absolutely not! I cannot imagine having so much power and yet being incapable of using it in a positive way. I dare not even conjecture what it would do to my psyche, to know that the factors that created my supposedly privileged place in society are the very reasons I am prevented from using whatever power I have for good. It must be an awful burden to bear–to know that if I tried to use my power in a positive way, my people would laugh at me, scorn me, jeer me and probably disown me. So no, I have no desire to trade places with a white man.'”

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