The Angels Have No Wings

Ak and Yani are on ridic rent/mortgage-paying deadlines. The Man and The Woman are acting the fool. Capitalism sucks!Thank the Lord for Lucille Clifton. Her lovely, raw, real, genius poems make it all make sense. Here’s Ak’s favorite:

 the angels have no wings

they come to you wearing their own clothes

they have learned to love you

and will keep coming

unless you insist on wings

 —the angels have no wings, the message from The Ones (received in the late 70s)

Ak prays you can take in this truth and apply it to everything—body and soul. The angels are loving us unconditionally. Let’s bask in that. 



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3 responses to “The Angels Have No Wings

  1. serenakim

    wait. if the angels don’t have wings, why are they wearing their own wings? you mean, they don’t have any wings for us? in other words, you have to earn your wings. i think i hear a bell tinkling.

    thanks for the lovely verse ladies. something to marinate on this gloomy l.a. morning.

  2. smallmediumlarge

    actually, that was just a cracked out typo. the shame that stress brain causes.

  3. Rochelle

    I love Lucille Clifton! I went to hear her read after 9/11, and her words made me feel like a new woman!

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