too itty bitty for a hot halter top? get breast implants!

Ak doesn’t really check for People magazine. But she bought the March 17 issue for the EXCLUSIVE! interview with Kelly Rowland. In the two-page article, Kelly explains why she let a Houston doctor slice open her breast tissue and insert silicone bags.Before the big reveal, a little backstory: Ak had grown to appreciate Kelly after she posed for Vibe Vixen wearing a razored pixie cut when everybody except Kelis was rockin’ the demented Rapunzel weave. Like a jazz brunch or a proper date with a church-sexy dude, there was something so endearing about pretty, brown, uncomplicated Kelly and her album-cut voice.kelly-cover.jpgBut after reading the People article, Ak suspects Kelly has been body-snatched by evil robots from Planet Falsie.kelly-rowland-s09.jpgHere’s what Ms. Kelly told People about the surgical procedure that took her from an A-cup to a B-cup: “I was sick of not fitting into my tops. There was this one really hot House of Dereon top—I just wanted to fill that out.”Kelly, now 27, goes on to explain that she’s been dreaming of implants since she was 17. But she cautions young people to “think about it before you just jump off and do something [you may regret later.]”Clearly, Kelly’s decade of deep thought has paid off: “I’m so happy. I feel complete,” she’s quoted as saying.Despite the barely concealed hostility of this post, Ak is glad that Kelly feels happy post-breast enlargement. Who is Ak to judge what other people need to feel satisfied with their bodies?But Ak can’t front. She’s angry that a magazine published an article where a grown woman uses her love of designer halter tops to rationalize major surgery. As if Ms. Kelly couldn’t have hired a tailor, chosen a different style top, or, God forbid, learn to love her beautiful body the way it was.



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3 responses to “too itty bitty for a hot halter top? get breast implants!

  1. Danita Applebaum

    I think body confidence and body happiness are two different things. I’m confident about my body but I’m not sure I’m happy with it. And I’m not gonna front, I’ve had my share of days when I pined for plastic surgery. I spent a year in the late nineties wanting the rib-removal procedure that Miss Jackson reportedly had circa “Janet.” Flat abs have always eluded me. A salesperson once veiled a big tummy reference by telling me I have a “thick waist.”

  2. MPOV

    Just dont do it!!! I mean okay, some women feel the need, but most men (that share the same respect for women with me) don’t really like plastic surgery. Some that I know are okay with it, but these guys are more likely to say something that is from on the border to all the way objectifying about women. So you will attract these men. Not always, but most of the time.

  3. denise

    it really sounds like she got implants to shill for beyonce and mrs. knowles. why is it always about beyonce?

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